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What Little Black Dresses Were Made For

            It is Friday night and you have been working all week long. When you plan your evening out you don't want to set yourself up for just another night of cheap booze, trashy clothes and lecherous men. No topping up at home or happy hour deals for you. For an evening of sophistication it is much better to start by picking out your best little black dress and heading out to one of the city's top cocktail bars. Enjoy watching experienced barmen mix traditional drinks with extravagant names. This isn't 1980's Hollywood cheese with Tom Cruise but more Cosmopolitan, Sex and the City and Carry Bradshaw. Cocktails have been mixed since the early 20th century and if you find a knowledgeable expert you can expect to taste drinks that will take you back to Charlestons and flappers from the 1920s or the Hawaiian chic of the 1950s. Imagine that you are a Russian spy's mole in a James Bond movie or a hustler's girlfriend from prohibition New York. These are the drinks that help you fantasise a better life and of course they come at a price. Expect to pay over 10 dollars for a well mixed Manhattan and don't forget to tip. That cute guy behind the bar is probably only making minimum wage and if you want him to come back with you at the end of the night then you don't want make him think you are cheap.<br />
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