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What Is Mobile Spyware?

Mobile spyware is a kind of application which can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on a cell phone to monitor its operations. This software transfers information relating to the call records on this phone, SMSes, video and audio files sent to or from this phone to an account in the spyware manufacturer’s website. You can log in to see this data by signing in with your unique password and id. This data gives you details on the numbers of callers who have called on this phone, the numbers dialed out from the phone, website addresses of all sites visited by the user, video and audio files sent to and from the phone etc. This information is sent through the cell phone spy software installed on the target phone.

You can buy the cell phone spy software online. Many manufacturers even offer this application for free but it is best to test their services before choosing them. Before choosing a service, you should read through reviews about the different spyware brands and find out about their pricing plans and features. You must choose one which is compatible with your target handset and operating system and which suits your budget. A thing to remember is that in order to install the spyware you must have physical access to the phone.

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