What Are The Different Types of Air Guns?

When considering purchasing an Weihrauch air rifle, many people can get overwhelmed. They come in such a variety of different shapes and forms, in addition to multiple calibers. However, most air guns to date fit into three simple categories: pneumatic BB guns, spring-piston air guns, and CO2 air guns. What are the differences you might ask?

The first type of air gun is the pneumatic kind. They work by using compressed air to drive their power. Usually this is done by a pumping action, it can require anywhere from two to ten pumps to acquire the needed power to shoot with a good pace. This can have its pros and cons, the negative side being if you are shooting a target, by the time you pump the gun for a second shot, you may have lost your quarry.

The second type of air gun is the spring-piston. As a rule of thumb, these are generally the easiest one to own, shoot, and maintain. They always usually keep for an extremely long time- the only thing you may have to replace would be the springs from time to time. These are pretty inexpensive and very easy for a professional to accomplish.

Finally the last time is the CO2 air gun. These guns vary depending on the temperature of their surroundings. They can easily stabilize to the temperature they are in for range shooting, etc. However for those who like to hunt, they may have a harder time adjusting to the temperature changes for the day.

In conclusion, when you are in the market to buy an air gun, there is obviously many factors to take into consideration. The three main groups of air guns is the first aspect you need to decide on. So which one is for you, pneumatic, spring-piston, or CO2?

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