Types Of Offences In Canada

There are three types of offences in Canada of which you can be convicted – summary offences, hybrid offences and indictable offences.

Summary offences are the least serious, including being charged with soliciting the services of a prostitute and petty theft. They are tried only by a judge, and people who have been charged with a serious summary offence are eligible to apply for a pardon five years after their sentence and parole is up. Less serious summary offences are still able to wait only three years before applying for a pardon.

The second type of offence is the hybrid offence, which means the Crown can decide to try the crime either as a serious indictable offence or as a more minor summary offence. Hybrid crimes include driving impaired and assaulting an officer and are eligible to apply for a pardon depending on which level of severity they were tried at.

After the waiting period – lengthened by C-23A – is up, the person can apply for their Canadian criminal pardon. However, it is unlikely to get accepted unless one has also been of good conduct in the previous years leading up to the application and one can prove that having a pardon is completely necessary for advancing their rehabilitation and life. That being said, the benefits of reintegrating the person into society by allowing them to pass standard criminal record checks when applying for jobs, insurance or volunteer positions, undoubtedly counts as necessary for advancing their rehabilitation. To get more information about offences in Canada, you should visit this homepage.

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