Types Of Ladies Wrist Watches

Wrist watches are becoming popular these days. Although various gadgets like laptops, computers, cell phones, etc. have timepieces inbuilt into it, but then also wrist watches are most preferred by both men and women. Wrist watches are not only used for its functionality but also used as status symbol. There are various online websites which offers unique band at affordable prices.

In my article, I will discuss the various types of ladies wrist watches which usually come in four main types which are as follows:

1. Sport watches: Sport watches for ladies usually come in a girls color including pink or pastel and also include sport functions such as stop watches, alarms and even heat monitors. Most of them are waterproof.

2. Luxury watches: Jewelry watches are generally expensive ones and are often made from precious metal like gold, white gold or silver. They can have diamonds and other precious stones embed with in them.
3. Fashion watches: Ladies fashion watches are designed to match the current fashion trends and can come in all sorts of different colors and styles.

4. Classic wrist watches: Women who are more conservative like to buy classic looking watches.

If a woman is very particular about her looks then she should buy either a fashion or luxury wrist watch.

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