Two Types Of Telescopes

Telescopes come in two types. One is the refractor telescope, and the second one is the reflector telescope. The type of telescope is determined by that part of it that gathers light. This part is called the objective. The two kinds of telescopes use different objectives. A refractor uses glass lenses as its objective while the reflector uses a mirror. When light touches the mirror in the reflector, it is reflected to another surface hence the name reflector.

The refractor telescopes were the first telescope ever to be built. It uses glass lenses to focus light and gather it. It is a type of telescope that does not need any cleaning since it has the glass surface inside the tube tightly sealed to prevent it from catching any dust. Any changes in the temperatures do not affect it in any way too due to the tight seal. A refractor telescope also has sharper images compared to the reflector type.

The reflector telescope came right after the refractor telescope. It uses an installed mirror which gathers light and focuses it. It is easy and cheap to make a reflector telescope than a refractor. A reflector telescope also needs just one part of it to be perfect since light does not pass through it, but it is reflected off the objective.

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