Top Trends For Wedding Invitations

Are you a style-conscious celebrity watcher and eager to catch the newest trend in wedding gowns? Do you scour bridal images looking for the best fashion forward ideas? Fashion designers know that stylish wedding invitation ideas are just as important as the wedding favors or the floral arrangements.

You can look for these top trends in the best wedding invitations for 2010:

Mix-n-Match Design:

i) The go-to fashion for the New Year is fast becoming coordinating bridesmaid’s dresses. Reflect this in your invites by using mix-n-match stationery.

For instance, use a solid-colored invitation with a fun striped or patterned reply card. Another option is to mix and match colors in opposite colors of the spectrum or by using coordinating shades.

ii) If you are into DIY, consider seeking out mix and match kits which will allow you to customize your invitation ideas. Mix and match invitations and invitation kits can be found easily through online wedding suppliers. You can visit our site for discount wedding invitations.

Splash Design:

i) Lately stylish brides have been spicing up the traditional white wedding gown with flashes of color. If you are choosing this bridal runway-inspired style, let your stationery follow suit. You should try a white or ivory invitation trimmed with a color which matches the colors in your bridal gown.

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