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Throwing A Party

Being a hostess is a great way to get together with friends and bring everyone closer together. But throwing a party can be a lot of work if you dont know what youre doing. In order for you to have a successful party with minimal stress, you just need to follow a few easy steps for planning. First, decide on what kind of party youll be throwing. Is it a women’s parties, a couples party or a singles party? This will help you make important decisions on dcor, food, and planning. When you set up for the party, take into account the kind of party youve decided on and make sure everything suits that party type. Food is a big part of any party. If youll be serving a meal, its often best to serve it buffet style, where everyone serves themselves. This makes sure everyone gets enough to eat, but may not be appropriate for more formal parties. For formal parties, have a sit down meal where you serve the guests. For a party where a meal isnt served, lay out some appetizers for guests to snack on, along with some drinks. For any food you serve, make sure that there is a vegetarian option and an option of chicken for those who may not be able to eat pork or beef. Nobody should feel like they have to eat something they would prefer not to for religious or health reasons.

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