The Truth Behind Disability Claims

Insurance companies are often publicly traded for profit ventures. This does not often bode well for a consumer who paid for their policy and is expecting the protection promised by their insurance agent. At one time, insurance companies were mutual, responsible only to those who were policyholders in the company. Now, investors want their share of the profits and this does nothing other than hurt the consumer. These decisions are made by a board of directors who are insulated from their customers and have no direct responsibility to the claimant. They are solely in power to earn their investors money and make the financial record of the firm look favorable.

Insurance policies are now sold to make money, not just to protect the policyholder. This gives insurance companies more incentive to deny claims, as people who have no connection to the well-being of the consumer demand a certain return. In addition, large bonuses are given to members of the LTD claim examination department for denying certain amounts of claims and maintaining certain cost ratios. This has created a marketplace where people are scared and intimidated to apply for their private individual disability insurance benefits.

This is why a highly skilled team of disability claim consultants is necessary to provide disability claim advice and help get your claim approved. Having a team of experts who know how the system works and how the insurance companies will try and trick you is vital when applying for benefits in today’s market. They will make sure you have a complete claim and that no mistakes were made. The insurance companies will go through your claim looking for any minor detail they can use to delay and deny your benefits, so having an independent opinion of your claim allows you to find the mistakes you never would have seen on your own.

The Truth Behind Disability Claims by
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