The Three Top Award Winning Wedding Photographers

There are a number of top wedding photographers who have made great names as well as history in their endeavor to deliver quality and satisfactory work. One of the most renowned photographers is Emin Kuliyev who has won a number of awards in wedding photojournalism and has been on the forefront in wedding documentations for almost ten years. Most of Emins pictures have widely been featured in Digital photo archives, the Brides New York, photo Art international, the After Capture and Popular Photography. Emins name came in to the limelight in 2008 when he was named by the AGWPJA as the photographer of the year. Three years down the lane, the name was again featured in the WPJA as the photographer of the year 2011

AGWPJA refers to the union formed by the most outstanding wedding photographers whose main objective is to bring out the real images in the photography industry especially so in weddings. During the vetting of the top wedding photographers, another name that was featured included that one of Dragan Zlatanovic. He is said to be a gifted photographer who has embraced the photographing job with extra liking. He comes from Slovenia and was named the first runners up to Emin in 2008

Paul Simpson was named third and he stands out as one of the most established wedding photographer the world has ever produced. He was recognized by the Wedding Photojournalist Association which has placed the worlds top wedding photographers on the spotlight. These photographers exhibit a new perspective in the entire wedding photography by simply capturing the unfolding events and moments at the wedding ceremonies. They believe that by keeping quality to their work, it is indeed their duty to use their talent in photography to tell their clients stories of their wedding day without being seen as dictating the events.

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