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The Rule Of Thumb Of Dressing A Baby For The Winter

Newborns do not move around enough and are not able to quiver enough in order to produce as much heat on their own as it is needed. This is why most people consider the rule that in the cold season, a newborn should wear an extra layer of clothing as compared to what an adult wears. However, this rule may not apply to certain babies, as some of them may feel the cold more or less than other babies, just like adults do, so as a parent you still need to keep an eye on how your baby feels an act accordingly. It is always a good idea to dress your baby in a dress with long sleevs and one that is warm and sof, like the wool Minnie dress (“vestido minnie” in Portuguese) that is very popular among mothers.

Probably you have learned in school about the importance of keeping your head covered as this is how the body loses warmth: through your head. So, despite what baby dresses you use to keep your baby warm, one important accessory is the hat on the babys (usually bald) head. And, although you are moving along briskly with your little one, remember that your baby is lying still in his or her pram, so they cannot work out the body heat required to keep them warm. Once you arrive in a cozy, warm place you can remove the hat off your babys head, along with the jacket, even though the baby is asleep. A little disruption of sleep is better than allowing the baby to overheat.

In cold weather, the best idea would be to dress a new baby in layers like an onion rather than putting on one thick outwear coat or an all-in-one pram suit. Your baby can wear her Minnie dress (or “vestido minnie” in Portuguese), but should also wear pants underneath and a sweater an a jacket as well. Like this you have the options open for adjusting what your baby is wearing to various changes of temperature (you may travel with the baby in our car, then go inside a shop or pay a visit to a friend or relative, or you can walk along a busy street), so having only the option of a wrapped-up is neither very flexible nor healthy for the baby.

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