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The Rising Popularity Of Oral HCG Drops – A New Option For Treatment

The HCG diet program is clearly the #1 weight loss treatment in the world today. It’s easy to see why. On average, according to studies on this topic, users of this simple hormone lose 15 to 20 kilograms per protocol. These protocols can last as little as 23 days, making this easily the fastest weight loss method known today. Classically, injections were the method of administration most often used, but significant research has led to the development of oral HCG drops as a cheaper and more readily available replacement. These can offer the same dosage of the hormone, but without all of the pain and hassle.

This has quickly become the preferred way to take HCG, rather than injections, because it’s much cheaper and allows a lot of people who otherwise could not take the hormone to do so. However, many people are now falling for a new marketing strategy coming from these retailers. This strategy entails the use of ‘alternatives’ to the HCG diet program and then marketing thema s if htey were the real thing. A lot of unsuspecting new customers are falling for this in droves, and large businesses like Wal-mart or GNC are raking in major money from the deception. However, it’s important to realize that telling real from fake drops is rather simple. Fake HCG will always use either made up values for their HCG concentration, such as ‘3x 6x, 9x” etc. or they will not even state they contain HCG at all. Likewise, non-homeopathic HCG will generally clearly list their daily dosage in i.u., which is the only vaid way to measure the concentration of the hormone in any liquid. Keeping these two factors in mind can prevent being taken in by these dubious retailers.

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