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The Need for Using Branded Print Ink


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There are many reasons as to why many consumers usually prefer branded print ink for their printers (Best online shopping stores for finding print ink is One of the main reasons is the high quality of the prints made by combining the particular brands with their designated machines. Whether one is using an inkjet or laser printers, the quality of the printed paper is highly determined by the brand of the cartridge in use. There are also other reasons that lead to the consumers buying the branded inks rather than using a third party product.
The micro chip technology
The other reason as to why many users prefer the branded printing inks is the microchip technology that is used by most users. The printers use the specifications of the cartridge for recognition. When the level of the ink reaches a given level, the printer lights up and sends signals to the users that the cartridges need to be changed.
The ink consumption precision technology
The branded printer ink cartridges are usually built with a technology that allow precise amount of ink to flow out. This technology allows the ink to flow out using the electric current instead of the using heat to melt it. Where one is using other ink brands, other than that of the printer might give poor print qualities.
Chemical Formulation
The chemical formula of the ink being used usually varies from one type of printer to the other. The thermal inkjet type of printers uses the aqueous type of ink that is made up of water, color pigments and glycol. It becomes difficult to control the ink in use. The ink cartridges used in these printers cannot be used in the printers using the micro Piezzo technologies as they can compromise the quality of prints made.
Buying the branded print ink ensure that the customer receives the original and genuine product. This is because the branded products have to go through rigorous tests to ascertain their quality. The original brands also come with a warranty that ensure that the customer receives a replacement of the ink in case they encounter a problem.

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