The Lady On The Corner

Carl stopped suddenly in the middle of the street, his ears not hearing the angry beeps from the cars around him. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t move, he couldn’t even swallow his cafe latte. He felt his world was spinning like a top. All because of her. There she was, standing on the corner, just as he had seen in his dreams many times, but had never thought it would ever happen in real life.

She had blonde hair cut in a fashionable long bob. It was being tousled by the light breeze. She was playing on a pink cell phone as she alternately stood on each foot, adorably shod in knee hit riding boots. Her red coat and scarf fit her perfectly.

Carl knew he was in love. He didn’t know who she was or anything about her. But as sure as he was hearing angel’s music in his head, he knew she was the one. He finished crossing the street and stood facing her with a stupid expression on his face. The only thing that saved him from her noticing was the very interesting text message argument she was having at the moment. That argument also turned out to be the opening to their meeting and changing their lives forever. As the girl pushed send to a very justified retort she stepped out into the street. The distraction of the text conversation she was having made her not look both ways before hand.

Quick as a flash Carl grabbed her arm, yanking her back onto the sidewalk. Her phone went flying, out onto the street, where the oncoming car crushed it immediately. She gasped, clutching her hand to her heart. Then looked up at Carl and smiled. “I’m Sally.” she said.

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