The Greatest Day That I Almost Missed

That Wednesday was the happiest day of my life. I knew that moment could be topped by a very few things , and those things were going to have to be spectacular. My wedding day was the greatest thing to have happened to me. The crazy part, when I think about that day was two days before we had a huge fight and I started thinking if what we were going to do was right. We had been waiting for 72 hours to pass and the closer we got to actually being able to get married, things started falling apart. The fight was a waking point and it was also the point when I realized that he was with whom I wanted to fight with for the rest of my life. We had one photo taken that day and it was from wedding photography tunbridge wells and it is the most important thing that I own besides the marriage license. Almost five years has passed since that day and as he lays beside me, all the things that have happened don’t matter as much because my heart would break if when I turned to the person lying beside me and I would see that it was not him. He is truly my great love.

The Greatest Day That I Almost Missed by
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