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Best Built Pools: The Future Home Controlled By The Smart Phone

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Most of us have seen advertisements or heard radio spots recently for several Smart Home devices. Apparently all tasks from turning your thermostat up or down to locking your house remotely is already available as an application on your iPhone. Businesses are pushing their applications to consumers in droves. Comcast Cable came out with The Xfinity Smart Home System, Lowe’s just introduced the new Iris Device, AT&T, Time Warner and Verizon have all developed technologies coming into the market later this year. But the question remains, do consumers really want it? Head on over to Best Built Pools and discover more.

While the accessibility of monitoring your energy consumption and controlling your expenses may be attractive, many of us worry about having their every day lifestyle actions indexed and made accessible over the Internet. With computer hackers and terrorist groups like Anonymous affecting even the most secure computer systems, would the time eventually come when we are imprisoned in our Smart Homes with the lights off, because of a hacker? To discover more about the Myrtle Beach Online story, visit their website.

So how much automation is too much? It seems that our daily lives are being dominated by wireless technology. Nearly anywhere you venture you will see people craning their necks downward to look at their smartphones or i Pads. Several of us are accustomed to setting our cable programming via an application. Even more of us are cultivating a majority of our media and educational needs from these technologies on an hourly basis.

If history is any quantifier, most of us will gradually warm to the idea, and give up even more of their privacy for modernization and cost savings. The day will soon come where we hardly need to be in our home to run our house. Tasks like sweeping are already given to automated bots and soon we can expect to order fresh food through our Androids and have them sent to our home. As even more of these ideas catch on, eventually more people will be able to free up more time for recreational and educational pursuits, bringing mankind into a new age of prosperity.

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