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The Difference Between Transmission Flushes & Service

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When it comes to automobile transmissions, many people are unaware of the difference between a transmission flush and actual transmission service. Some people are under the impression that these services are one in the same, however, this is not the case.

Why Flushes Are Not The Same

During a transmission flush, cooler lines are removed and the engine is started, allowing for the transmission fluid to drain. The old fluid is then replaced by new transmission fluid, which may not even be the proper type for your car. The wrong transmission fluid may cause damage to your vehicle.

Flushing also stirs up debris trapped in the transmission filter and may actually end up restricting the flow of the fluid through the filter, which can lead to damage to your car. Transmission flushing is a money maker for the garages and service centers, which is why they encourage them even though they may not be what is best for your vehicle.

How Transmission Service Differs

In order to keep your transmission running top notch, the best thing to do is to get proper transmission service. Automatic transmission flushing completely omits the most important aspect of transmission maintenance, addressing the filter.

The filter works to trap debris and keep it from getting into other parts of your vehicle, while at the same time, cleaning the transmission fluid. Over time, as the debris collects, the filter will become clogged and unable to efficiently perform its intended function. This is where transmission service comes into play.

During a reliable transmission service the pan will be removed and an inspection of the internal transmission will be performed. The transmission will be cleaned and the filter will be replaced. A highly trained technician will also perform other valuable services such as adjustment of bands and tightening bolts if needed.

Finding a reliable transmission shop in the Raleigh area with expert techs can be as simple as doing a few searches on the internet. Once the search has been processed you will see websites like and with that list you can start looking over the various repair services that they provide and whether they are affordable. There will be some transmission shops that charge you much more than others and you must compare prices to get the vest value.

The technician will also be able to identify and fix any small repairs that may be needed, that may save you a ton of repairs and expense in the future. You can also rest assured that the correct transmission fluid will be used when you get a transmission service performed. Transmission service is definitely the better option, and may end up saving you more expense in the future.

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