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The Best Of The Best When It Comes To Hardwood Floor Vacuums

If you have hardwood or laminate floors in your home you know how challenging they can be to keep clean. This is especially the case if you have a small apartment or town home. A regular size hardwood floor vacuum cleaner would work in a pinch, however, it is not very maneuverable in confined spaces with less square footage.

Many people would recommend that if you are looking for a hardwood floor vacuum that you should consider a Dyson. Dyson advertises that their vacuums have a specialized suction technology. While this may be entirely true, the consumer certainly pays a heavy price for any Dyson item.Lucky for you, the Shark vacuum is designed with a very similar technology and for half the price.

For your smaller space, there really is not need to put a lien on your car so you can afford a vacuum cleaner. The Shark is an effective, quality cleaner for a fraction of the price. There are two sets of brushes on this small but powerful vacuum. First, the main front brush is 13 inches long to tackle any mess. Second, there are additional brushes, one on each side of the main brush, to catch dirt along walls and baseboards

The Shark is available cordless and has a run time of 50 minutes per charge. This is the whole reason behind the Shark being so lightweight and portable. This cordless cleaner can reach underneath furniture and go up and down stairs with a breeze. After use, it can be simply stored behind a door or underneath a bed.

It is recommended that the battery is charged for an entire 24 hours before the first use. Then, after the first use recharge the battery for a full 16 hours. Be sure to run down the battery charge of the unit at least once a month. Do not store the unit with the charging adapter attached and plugged in.

The Best Of The Best When It Comes To Hardwood Floor Vacuums by
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