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The Best Exercise For Your Entire Body

There are different exercises for different parts of our body. There are a plethora of moves and exercises that work each part or even multiple parts. Suppose you had only five minutes to spare in a day and could only perform only one exercise? Suppose this exercise had to have multiple benefits and work almost all major muscles of your body? What is the best exercise for your entire body? This exercise should ideally fire up your muscles, help you burn fat and boost your metabolism at the same time. Which exercise should you do in this regard? The squat is the best possible exercise for your entire body. It helps you build a solid lower body by working your legs, glutes, posterior, hips, hamstrings and quads. It also works your core if you keep your core pulled in. Alongside, it has variations like sumo squats, front squats and overhead squats which shift the focus on your core and upper body too.

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