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The Basic Facts about Füssen

Füssen is a small city located in Southern Germany. As a matter of fact, it lies very near the Austrian border. Füssen is the city found at the very end of the famed Romantic Road. It is the road that leads to the quiet little towns and villages of Southern Germany. And as all travelers of the Romantic Road would say, Füssen is the most fitting finale to the exquisite series of beautiful towns in the area.

Since Füssen is quite small, its population is never more than 15,000. The very thing that makes the city romantic and beautiful is its location. Füssen sits 800 meters above sea level. That is the main reason why many castles are built here. The rulers want to oversee their territory and protect their fortress easily. Indeed, Füssen is the highest city in the entire Bavarian region.
The climate in Füssen is rather stimulating. The summers can get very warm while the snows are quite wonderful during the winter. As a matter of fact, theres a skiing zone in Füssen that is open during the winter season. By summer though, it becomes a place for sports and outdoor activities.

Füssen is very rich in history, which all goes back to the Roman era. The city is generally Catholic, with St. Mangus as its patron saint. Many of the sights worth seeing around here are churches and basilicas. So more than just the castles, be sure to also visit all the old religious structures in the city.
And quite fittingly, Füssen also offers the most fascinating encounter with nature. Amidst the historic buildings, youll also find beautiful valleys, lush greeneries, and clear lakes. All of these make Füssen the best destination for every traveler. Its one place in Germany where you can enjoy the best of everything.

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