The Bail Bond Motion Process in Fairfax Virginia

The Relationship Motion process within the Fairfax Virginia Court System

They’re first taken for the local jail where they’re ordered in and taken in front of a Magistrate or Justice of the Peace where an informal hearing is conducted when a person is caught and bail is set.

Even though 8th amendment gives every American the best to reasonable bail and a Magistrate has the capacity to set the bail at whatever they feel is acceptable in line with the criminal record, in addition to the facts of the crime, there are cases where they are prohibited from doing so.

Every Fairfax Virginia Magistrate has been given guidelines for setting bail and within these guidelines are limits based on the significance of the crime. These are cases where there is whats called a ‘presumption against bail’ and regardless of what the important points are in respect to the crime a Magistrate doesn’t have the capacity to set a bail bonds Las Vegas.

Aside from getting court-appointed, or privately retained counsel the next step for the lawyer to enter an action within the Fairfax General District Court for a bond hearing. This is also frequently called a ‘bond motion.’

A bond movement is a reading where the defense lawyer will be providing the opportunity to fight to the court the reasons why an incarcerated offender ought to be given bail. The prosecution will generally speaking claim that the person remain incarcerated before the court day. The defense counsel’s goal will be to address two main problems to the court:

1) Danger of flight

2) Danger for the community

Danger to the community could be dispelled by stating their past record such as never having been convicted of a violent crime as well as their overall conduct or other data that might persuade the court that their is no reasonable chance this person could be a danger with their community. The prosecution can be afforded the chance to cross examine any witnesses together with bring any evidence towards the contrary.

In the event the protection could make their case the judge will decide how much the bail bond Las Vegas should be established at and the bond will be issued.

This technique is usually quite uniform through the entire Commonwealth but Fairfax Virginia has some significant variations.

Last because Fairfax Adult Detention Center and the Fairfax Virginia Courthouse are on the same college inmates awarded bail from a relationship action in court will be immediately moved back-to the prison where they can be bonded out immediately.

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