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Tennessee Real Estate Offers The Best In Value For Both City And Country Living

Spacious properties combined with stunning scenery have made Tennessee real estate some of the most sought after property in the nation. The consistently low cost of living in the state only adds to the value of owning property in Tennessee, with low insurance rates and a minimal annual property tax making it one of the most affordable locations in the US. Buying real estate in Tennessee does mean acting in accordance with both state and federal real estate laws, however, which makes purchasing property through a broker the easiest and fastest way to close on your new home.

The abundance of rivers, lakes, and mountains that make up the Tennessee landscape are among the most attractive features of this southeastern state, although the combination of an overall low cost of living, a lack of a state income tax, and a nominal property tax have also contributed to turning many visitors into permanent residents. Tennessee real estate even draws international attention as the ideal place to invest, as the National Parks stretching from Memphis to the Great Smoky Mountains have become extremely popular vacation destinations. Purchasing property is also easy, with local realtors across the state offering a range of home sites to suit city dwellers and country folk alike.

The price of Tennessee real estate is another plus for buyers moving into the state, with typical 3 bedroom – 2 bathroom homes available for under $150,000 in areas including Memphis, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. Homes found in the Great Smoky Mountains may be slightly higher, although the spectacular views the mountain properties offer can make the extra cost worthwhile. Vacant land can also be found in both the plateaus and the foothills, with the average cost per acre usually set at just over $2,000.

Typical state and federal real estate laws do apply to property purchases in Tennessee, however, which includes ensuring the property is free from liability and possible restrictions on building and developing a land purchase. For this reason, purchasing Tennessee real estate through a broker may be the most recommended option, as title and property searches can be conducted quickly and easily, and financial options can be discussed to determine the best purchasing method. Real estate brokers can easily be found through a simple Internet search, and comparing both realtors and listings can help the perfect property for any particular need.

Tennessee real estate offers some the best selections for beautiful country living and city-centered properties, with prices that are typically consistent with housing costs in more populated areas of the country. A low cost of living combined with low annual taxes makes living in Tennessee even more affordable, and properties are available for both homesteads and investments. Tennessee real estate listings are widely available online, making the ideal Tennessee property only a few mouse clicks away.

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