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Alloy Vs. Steel Wheels

Wheels come in varied forms such as steel wheels and alloy wheels. Before you purchase wheels for your vehicle, you should be well versed with the prime functionality of these two types of wheels. The main differences between steel and alloy wheels are based on their strength and durability. There are several sources to purchase these wheels, but you should always consider a reliable dealer like Tire Rack. The prime benefit of this automobile online store is the tire rack coupon that allows you to enjoy slashed rates on the products. As far as the differences between steel and alloy … Read the rest

A Veritable Storehouse Of Branded Tires

You have bought a car of your choice and are enjoying every bit of drive in it. As years roll by, the constant wear and tear causes your travel companion to pop up problems. Some spare parts get defunct and need to be replaced. Once such signs start appearing some of us dump them in the salvage yard and go in for a new purchase. But if you cannot afford a new purchase or are very much attached to your car which has been an inseparable companion to you, in all likelihood you will be scouting for spare parts so … Read the rest

Get Good Discounts Through Online Purchase Of Tires

Replacing tires is a recurring expenditure. Each of us who own a vehicle and use it for personal or commercial purposes have faced the onslaught of facing tire changes. Of course, the frequency of change depends on how much the vehicle has run. If you need to change all the four tires, it is definitely going to cost you a real lot of money. Especially, if you want to source them directly from the OEM or from any of the dealers, there is also bound to be a time delay too in replacing the tires. An inexpensive alternative is available … Read the rest

Tips On Saving On Car Repairs

Unless you have a trustworthy mechanic or access to dependable garage services, taking your car in for repairs can be a nightmarish experience. You will always wonder whether the estimate that your mechanic is giving you is truthful or not. Most automobile owners may know how to drive their vehicles but may not know how to take care of normal repairs. But with a few things kept in mind, you can make a few savings on car repairs as well. Start with shopping only with a Tire rack coupon. This will give you access to genuine auto-parts on great deals … Read the rest

Quality Tires Online

Worried about getting your preferred tires quickly? Is your favorite brand unavailable? Looking for simpler solutions for procuring the same? These are daily problems for car owners. Tires need to be replaced every now and then. However, problems arise when desired tire brands remain unavailable locally. This requires sourcing of these brands from outside. This is done by local warehouses or garages and leads to severe delays. There are extra costs involved in this process too. The internet helps you save time and money immensely in this regard. Is this even possible? Try using tire rack online. You are assured … Read the rest

Tips For An Enjoyable Road Trip

If you are planning on going for a vacation trip, you should plan things beforehand so that you can save time, hassles and be safe and at the same time, you enjoy your trip too. If you have kids going with you, you should consider taking some entertainment for them, while on the road like a portable DVD player.

Though a break down is not expected during the trip after all the efforts you have put in to see that the car is maintained properly, you should always be prepared for the eventuality. A gallon of water kept handy, will … Read the rest

Buying The Right Spare Parts

You bought a shiny new car recently. So, it’s all smooth sailing now, but soon enough you have to start thinking about spare parts. A vehicle is not a onetime investment. You have to spend money on a car in the form of fuel, spare parts and servicing. Now as far as spare parts is concerned, you can get yourself a deal if you can get your hands on some coupons for example tire rack coupon code. Buying online not only saves money for you, it is also hassle free.

Fact of the matter is buying automobile spare parts can … Read the rest

Quick review of BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 tires

The BFGoodrich G-Force sport comp 2 is the new model to replace the company’s very successful original G-Force Sport Ultra High Performance summer tires. Do they live up to the expectations of drivers?

The tires are made from BFGoodrich’s silica-enhanced rubber compound. The company claims that the material gives the tires better grip without loss of treadware. The silica works to prevent wear and tear on the tires but still giving them plenty of gripping power. A quick drive around the track shows that the company knows what is talking about. My GTI equipped with these tires handled excellently going … Read the rest