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Parental Control Software: Some Facts You Need To Know

In United Kingdom alone, research showed that kids as young as 6 to 9 are already spending some of their time in social media. In fact, a survey conducted by AVG states that these groups of children spend an average time of 4.2 hours weekly trying to keep in touch with their friends online. However, the sad part is that 20% of these children are also bullied on the internet. This has great effect on their emotional and psychological development which may affect them for many years.

Some parents try to prevent possible negative effects of the internet by educating … Read the rest

DO Buy YouTube Views

Several decades later, after the dawn of MTV and regular television programming, the new reel-life revolution takes over on what used to become a luxury for most: creating high quality videos. Every day, more people come-up with creative and awesome ways to showcase so many things on YouTube, from tutorials, music, home videos and so much more. What sets YouTube apart from other video sites would be its massive user base, which to date, span over millions. In addition, videos get created every single day, with at least an hours worth every second are uploaded on the site; social media … Read the rest

Use Of Instagram For Internet Marketing Purposes

Social networking has changed the scenario of doing online business. There are various websites that are popular among people from all age groups. Instagram is a social networking website that has lots of users and the number is still growing day by day. It is a photo sharing app that can be used across any platform. Many companies have recently realized the importance of instagram for marketing purposes.

This website can act as an effective marketing tool in promoting your business. Majority of internet marketers, small entrepreneurs as well as big companies are making use of such websites in advertising … Read the rest