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Romance Doesn’t Come Easy For Most Men

If you are anything like me, you have many different romantic ideas but your husband doesn’t seem to pick up on them or seems to be void of any creativity in this regard. It is far too easy to get upset at him and say that he doesn’t care about you but the truth is that most men dont think about the subject in the same way and frequency that we do.

For those of you who consider any stereotyping of the genders to be backwards and politically incorrect it is best for you to look away from this article … Read the rest

Is Love All You Need?

My boyfriend and I are working hard to make a life together. I am going to school and he, well, he is looking for work but finding it very hard to find anything sustainable. We have only been living together for two months now. I know, in his dreams, he never pictured living in a little one room apartment, living off the measly income of his girlfriend while he is unable to support himself let alone her. We will get by though. With our love and dedication to one another, we will build a life that will match both of … Read the rest

The Lady On The Corner

Carl stopped suddenly in the middle of the street, his ears not hearing the angry beeps from the cars around him. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t move, he couldn’t even swallow his cafe latte. He felt his world was spinning like a top. All because of her. There she was, standing on the corner, just as he had seen in his dreams many times, but had never thought it would ever happen in real life.

She had blonde hair cut in a fashionable long bob. It was being tousled by the light breeze. She was playing on a pink cell … Read the rest

Ladies, It’s The Little Things

For some women, it’s romantic to get roses and a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, but romance isn’t limited to that sort of thing.

Romance is about expressing love in ways that matter to you and the details of the way it happens can vary widely from one couple to another.

For example, does your sweetie bring you a cup of coffee in the morning? Romance! Does he send you little text messages while you’re at work telling you that he loves you? Romance! Does he pick up his socks from the floor without being asked, just because he … Read the rest