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Contents Of Best Radio Commercials

There are innumerable radio commercials out there, just a handful are worth the price of admission though. Why is this? Because most of them do not include what I call the “four elements of a great radio commercial”. Why are they so important? Because they are the difference between a radio commercial making a connection with your message or totally missing the point.

The four points are:
1) Make the radio commercial Relevant. (Keep it relatable to what people are thinking and doing right now, at this date, at this time, etc.)

2) Make it about the customer. How will … Read the rest

Successful Tips For Radio Marketing

More than once I have been contacted by an otherwise quite knowledgeable business person making the statement “radio advertising simply did not work for me”. Radio commercials are getting very popular these days. This statement troubles me because it is been proven time and time again that radio, when used correctly, can be the most successful medium for driving customers to a company. Think about it – what other medium is on in cars, in businesses, on in the kitchen when someone is making dinner, played loud at a back yard bbq, and a slew of places and other times. … Read the rest