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Responsibly Discarding You Old Mobile Phone

Are mobile phones a need nowadays? Of course they are a need but what happens when they become a want? Most of the individuals in this world have at least one mobile phone in their possession. Some may even have 2 or more phones. What happens when the amount of unused mobile phones increase. There is one solution to that, recycling mobile phones.

So what is Mobile phone recycling? To “sell my mobile” is an avenue for mobile phone recycling. Why should I sell my mobile phone you say? It’s simple really, if you want to buy a new model … Read the rest

Varieties Of Phone Spy Software Available

As mentioned earlier, mobile phones play a very vital role in every one’s life. It is not possible to be without the mobile phone for a day or so. It has become so immense that you carry it where ever you go. Phone spy software has gained popularity over the years along with mobile phones. It has been majorly used by parents, spouses and business owners. It is considered to be the cheap way of tracking the mobile phone. Making use of a detective to find out the truth would prove to be very costly; hence this software has been … Read the rest

What Is Mobile Spyware?

Mobile spyware is a kind of application which can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on a cell phone to monitor its operations. This software transfers information relating to the call records on this phone, SMSes, video and audio files sent to or from this phone to an account in the spyware manufacturer’s website. You can log in to see this data by signing in with your unique password and id. This data gives you details on the numbers of callers who have called on this phone, the numbers dialed out from the phone, website addresses of all sites … Read the rest

How Smart Phones Are Beneficial For Sales People

Salespeople find the usage of cell phone extremely helpful as they spend a lot of time on the road and it helps them in stay in touch with their dear ones. Smart phones add to this convenience further by offering a wide range of tools and Internet that can be accessed from anywhere. Listed below are the few ways in which sales people benefit from owning a smart phone.

Foremost advantage is that smart phone can be connected to CRMs and you can pull out useful data on prospects and customers. It helps you to be fully prepared all the … Read the rest

View Cell Phone Data Secretly

Mobile spy applications help you to look into a third persons mobile data without his or her knowledge. This can come in useful when you suspect an individual of something and have to learn more. Mobile spies are being used by spouses to monitor their partners, by parents to track errant children, by employers who want to keep an eye on their employees and so on.

When you install spy mobile phone software on a phone, you get to see the call details, SMS texts, emails, chat messages, sites visited, photos, video files, contacts, notes, reminders and more. How? Before … Read the rest

Mobile phone forensics what is it?

In todays world, mobile phones have become an indispensable and inseparable object in our daily life. The sole purpose of a mobile phone is for communication purposes however advancement in technology has made them a multifunctional device. The prestigious devices gives its users a plethora of functionality, smartphones are a good example of how technology has changed the mobile phones in the recent years. For many of us, mobile phones have made our life easy and interesting but to the criminal minded persons the technology advancement is viewed as something far more sinister.

So what is mobile phone forensics?
Mobile … Read the rest