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Losing Weight, Trimming Fat – Can A Hormone Really Help?

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            Losing weight is easy right? All it takes is commitment and dieting? New research indicates this is almost certainly not the case, as many people find out first hand. The human body is not an on and off switch. When people begin to eat less, their body will counteract this by decreasing the metabolism to prevent weight loss. This was an evolutionarily valuable trait, however, it is no longer necessary or good for people. What is 
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How The HCG Program Works And Delivers Results

            The HCG diet program works through a few different biological mechanisms. There are various levels of HCG that can be prescribed based upon the way it is administered. Injections, drops or pills all require different concentrations of the hormone to work. Injections generally are given in dosages starting at 125 IUs per day, mixed directly with saline water (or B-12 solution in some cases). Real HCG drops, such as those from hcgdropspower.com are generally taken a few times per day and will start out at 150IUs and go from there. This is generally considered the threshold of effectiveness. Pills or 
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