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Waxing Can Be Very Painful

Are You Going For Waxing?

Perhaps you want to remove some unsightly hair from your body. That is why you are thinking of waxing. Well, you can certainly go for waxing. But I think it is important for you to find out more. Waxing can be a very painful experience. Therefore, I advise you to think twice. If you are someone with a very high threshold for pain, you can certainly go for waxing. If you do not have a high threshold for pain, I advise you not to go for waxing. You may want to consider laser hair removal. … Read the rest

What type of haircut is layered one?

To break free of the monotony of a hair that is all one length, introduce layers to your looks. Drama, style and volume are all packed in a layered haircut. If you are unsure about snipping your precious strands into layers, you may start with bangs, for a fresh new look. For extra flair, one may go for fringes throughout. Some like spiky, asymmetric layers for a funky do, while others opt for a more classic, symmetric stratified look. For medium and long hair, bangs are a great way to start, because they accent the eyes and are a simple … Read the rest