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So Exactly Why Was She Still A Raiders Fan?

When Tim had hung up the phone from speaking to his niece Elizabeth the other day, he was scratching his head and left wondering about why she would still be a Raiders fan when she had moved to Washington State. “She usually just follows the teams where she ends up living,” he thoughtfully stated to his wife Sally. “But this time, she’s sticking with the Raiders for some reason, but what?” he added, wondering out loud. “Maybe there’s someone she had become attached to, someone who was on the Raiders team itself?” Sally told her husband. They both came up … Read the rest

Making Money From Your Footy Expertise

Footy Expertise

Footy Expertise

If you have a great love for Footy there are now ways to make a decent amount of cash from it but you need to treat this like a business and conduct some due diligence. Before looking for any wagering platforms like Sportsbet you need to develop your process for scoring and weighing each of the various teams to determine which one is most likely to come out on top.

The first step in the process is studying the players on the team in detail. What you are looking for is personal events and situations that would have … Read the rest