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How To Develop A Trend Trading System For Binary Options

There are three primary phases to a trend which can be used to help analyse the various stages. When developing a Forex system it is useful to know these in order to determine which part of the trend your strategy will target.
The first phase is made up aggressive buying as the informed traders enter the market. This is the time that the biggest gains are made by traders as the market will tend to move the most. This brings the start of the trend to the attention of the market in the first instance.

The second phase is characterised … Read the rest

Betfair Trading And The Exponential Growth Of The Exchange

Betfair Trading was a phrase which didn’t exist a decade ago. This is because the concept of sports exchanges didn’t exist. But when one man had the idea of creating a kind of derivative market based out of the enormous global sports markets, the world changed forever for a growing number of sports fans with an eye for charts and trading in general.

It is hardly surprising that this enormous marketplace was destined to become a trading exchange. After all, with the financial crisis of 2008, millions of people suddenly became aware of the concept of derivatives trading. Mortgages were … Read the rest