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How A Disability Consultant Benefits You

When applying to obtain benefits on a private individual disability insurance policy, many people do not consider the traps and pitfalls that the insurance companies have built into the process in order to give them a reason to deny your claims. Hiring an LTD claim consultant can be very beneficial to your claim, as these experts have the knowledge and experience in the industry to make sure that your benefits are approved, and approved quickly. This allows you to focus on your heath and your family during a trying and difficult time. No one should have to worry about filling … Read the rest

The Truth Behind Disability Claims

Insurance companies are often publicly traded for profit ventures. This does not often bode well for a consumer who paid for their policy and is expecting the protection promised by their insurance agent. At one time, insurance companies were mutual, responsible only to those who were policyholders in the company. Now, investors want their share of the profits and this does nothing other than hurt the consumer. These decisions are made by a board of directors who are insulated from their customers and have no direct responsibility to the claimant. They are solely in power to earn their investors money … Read the rest

Best Lift Designs for Use in Water

When trying to lower yourself into water whether it is a large expanse such as a pool or a small area such as a bathtub, it can often be tiring when you don’t have any additional support which makes living with your disability easier.

Pool Lifts

Lifts for your pool come in a range of designs, and are created with the assumption that you have a good amount of space around the pools perimeter. You can purchase portable pool lifts if you want to go swimming at different locations (i.e. places you know don’t have lifts) or you can install … Read the rest

Fighting The Disability Insurance Companies

There are many reasons an insurance company has the right to investigate a disability claim application, but they often go beyond legitimate reasons and start investigating applications to intimidate claimants or find reasons to deny clearly legitimate claims. The use the guise of investigating fraud, but they are actually trying to raise their profit margins by denying any disability claim they can. Policies have become more and more restrictive and they have even begun to write out benefits for certain disabilities, even if the claimant cannot work anymore.

Even the organizations and individuals at the governmental level that are supposed … Read the rest