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Scrapbooking: Crafted With Passion

Scrapbooking, like in every other art or craft, entails plenty of creativity and out-of-the-box imagination. Whether it is for the purpose of giving as gift to someone or merely for one’s own keepsake of memories, it should reflect the artistry inherent in every person. There is a wide array of decorations and other add-ons for every scrapbook. While pasting photographs is usually a must, it should not be the only thing in each page. In fact, captions in beautifully-written doodles and scribbles serve as touches to write a distinct observation of the picture. The photograph itself can be printed with … Read the rest

Why Can’t I Write My Essays

The above question is important especially to teenagers. Teenagers are always bombarded with many activities. When the hormones are raging and when they have their strength, they would like to do anything and everything. This is the time when they experiment with many things. Sometime they indulge in so many things until they begin to ask themselves, ‘why can’t I write my essay?’ All these teenagers have to do is to plan their time. The fact that you are in school doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Teenagers must learn how to prioritize and plan. In this way they will … Read the rest