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Lawyers Who Can Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

The reality is that for most homeowners foreclosures are overwhelming, confusing, and stressful because they are not familiar with foreclosure process. They are unaware that there are ways to prevent a foreclosure.

Foreclosure is the legal procedure that can be used by a mortgage lender or county to repossess someone’s home. The process usually begins with delinquent mortgage and/or property taxes. The county or lender starts the legal proceedings to repossess the house and then sell it to recover the money owed. But before a foreclosure auction takes place, there are two types of lawyers who can help homeowners avoid … Read the rest

Bankruptcy Versus Debt Settlement

There are various methods to eliminate credit card debt. Some of the most common solutions are settlement and bankruptcy. Each solution has some pros and cons. In the end, the best option in eliminating your credit card debt could be your financial stability in other parts of your life. In case your credit card debt is only one part of a bigger financial problem, bankruptcy might be the more sensible choice over a credit card debt settlement. However, bankruptcy and debt settlement will both have negative impact on your credit scores until you can re-establish a good credit history.

What … Read the rest