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How To Carve Wood

Wood CarvingAfter you determine the pattern and wood types, the third step is tracing the pattern that you have already made. In this step, you should use stylus and a piece of carbon paper. You should not to be worrying how to find these tools. The stationery supply store provides what you need. In this step, it is very important for you not to move the pattern until you trace the pattern on the wood completely. To give a perfect result, it is very helpful for you to use small pieces of masking tape on the pattern.

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ARTmosphere Gallery

Welcome to ARTmosphere Gallery located in Boston’s Historic North End neighborhood.  We hope you enjoy the artwork we have online and encourage you to stop by and see all the new and changing works in the gallery.  Please contact us with any questions.

ARTmosphere Gallery

art director: Donna Agnew
framing director: Jackie McDonald

contact us at:
Artmosphere Gallery
28 1/2 Prince Street
Boston, MA 02113


[email protected]

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