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Symptoms Of Being Pregnant

There are many signs that can indicate that a woman is with child. The first one is missing of her menses. Menses is a sign that ovulation occurred but fertilization of the egg did not happen. The only way to know is to take a pregnancy test. Pregnancy scans Dublin technicians will tell the woman to take a second pregnancy test, if the first one tested negative and her menses are still absent. Stress can cause disruption of the menses.

Morning sickness is very common in the early stages of many pregnant women. This may involve nausea and vomiting that can be distressing to the first time mother to be. If this continues, a doctors check is necessary to confirm pregnancy. If it turns positive and the morning sickness is severe, the pregnancy scans Dublin specialist will advise the mother to be, to have the scan done at the earliest appropriate time. This will eliminate anxiety when the mother to be, knows that her fetus is in good health. A heart condition detected on the fetus monitored before the baby is born.

When a woman is expecting a baby, body changes occur to accommodate the growing baby. Breasts enlarge in preparation of milk production. They become tender and painful to the touch. Food cravings may occur when a woman is pregnant; she may desire to eat food that she disliked before. An expecting woman may feel fatigued even when she has not done any work. Rest and enough sleep will do her good. She has to eat foods high in fiber content as majority of expecting mothers experience constipation. Water if life and should be included in her day. Frequent urination is also an early sign of pregnancy, the growing womb press on the bladder giving it the sensation of being full. Back pains can cause the mother to be to experience sleepless nights until her body adjusts to carrying life.

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