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So Exactly Why Was She Still A Raiders Fan?

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            When Tim had hung up the phone from speaking to his niece Elizabeth the other day, he was scratching his head and left wondering about why she would still be a Raiders fan when she had moved to Washington State. "She usually just follows the teams where she ends up living," he thoughtfully stated to his wife Sally. "But this time, she's sticking with the Raiders for some reason, but what?" he added, wondering out loud. "Maybe there's someone she had become attached to, someone who was on the Raiders team itself?" Sally told her husband. They both came up with the conclusion that it was probably due to the fact that she had a "Raiders" football player come to her place of work -- her veterinarian practice -- to get help for his dog or cat. That conclusion they came up with would, they felt, make the most sense in her case. On this they both agreed. "The next time I talk to her, I'm going to ask her what the scoop is on this, and mention that this goes against her "tradition" of picking teams according to where she lives," Tim laughingly told his wife. "Well, that's going to have to be when we actually get to see her in person when we're out in Oakland for the "Raiders" game itself, and it won't be all that long a period of time before we do that either. Don't forget, we actually have to leave this coming Friday night to go to Oakland," Sally reminded Tim. Tim told her he already had his bags packed and couldn't wait.
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