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Slayer Dragons In Runescape

Dragon slayer is a very popular rs gold making method. It is actually a quest that is often considered a difficult quest by many people. However, if you have a few handy tips, this quest can be very easy and quite fun. In this article, I will give you some details about this quest. If you want to slay dragons fast, you can read on.

You can start this quest in the Champions’ Guide by talking to the Guildmaster. Before you can get access to the guild, you should gain 33 quest points. The only requirement of entering the guild is the ability to defeat Elvrag, a level 83 dragon. This may sound difficult for you but with the right strategy, it is very easy to kill the Elvrag even you are at level 30-40.

The item required for the quest is Wizard’s Mind Bomb, silk, lobster, unfired bowl and 12000 gold coins. In order to defeat Elvrag, all the things you need are a decent weapon and a decent armor.

I recommend you to get along with the items mentioned above so that you can make the fight easier.

In your inventory, you should have runes for a quick teleport in case something goes wrong. The rest space should be filled with lobsters.
After you are talking to the guildmaster, you need to go to Oziach that can be found next to the General Store in Edgeville. You should ask him about buying a rune platebody and tell him that the guildmaster sent you. You will eventually be given a quest by him to slay the dragon of Crandor.

After this step, you should head back to the guildmaster to ask him all the questions that appear on your screen. He will tell you that you need a map. You are going to follow the map to slay more dragons. If you like, you can find more Runescape gold guides online. You can get the help from people unknown. That is the charm of the internet.

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