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Simplified And Efficient Web Design

Screenshot for CSSChallenges in Web Design course

Screenshot for CSSChallenges in Web Design course (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Websites gain more popularity by a simple and sleek design, rather than having complicated and confusing features. The registration, subscribers and finally the sales too, see a marked increase, if the website has a simple and modern approach. By focusing on the essential features and removing all those features that are not necessary will reduce the web pages considerably. Limited and proper use of colors also goes a long way in improving the look of your website.

By studying the features that get more response from the users, you can choose the essential features, and discard or minimize the unwanted ones. For offers on web design features and templates, you can make use of the Godaddy promo codes. Reducing the number of pages in a website will minimize the page contents that are to be viewed. Visitors tend to focus more, if the content is precise and short. An easy navigation feature also helps to increase the number of visitors to the site.

By featuring the main content above the fold, the effectiveness of the website can be increased. Decreased header height, if a logo is present and placing the navigation menu on the top portion help in increasing the traffic to the website. Limiting the colors to two or three, instead of going overboard with the colors will also enhance the look and make the features prominent and bold.

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