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Shyness Places Too Much Emphasis On The Opinions Of Others

Shyness plays a major role in new situations and environments in particular. With time its impact lessens as familiarity with the people around you helps to raise your self confidence.

As with all self confidence issues ultimately you just want to feel good about yourself regardless of what you are doing, who you are doing it with and whatever problems you are undergoing such as financial problem, health problem, marital problem or educational problem.

So where does it originally come from?
If you have been reading any of the information on this site already you will know the answer – The judgments of others.

The long lasting impact of judgments already experienced from: parents, teachers, peers and employers is constantly being reinforced by your own inner judge who, left to his/her own devices, will provide an omnipresent reminder to you that you are not good enough in some form or other.

You have developed a natural survival strategy to avoid re-experiencing those judgments again and attempting to keep yourself in the background plays a fundamental role within that strategy.

You believe that if you keep yourself as hidden away as possible no one will notice you and therefore you will be safe away from judgment.

But does this strategy really work?

No, because you cannot hide from your inner judge no matter how hard you try.

The solution to your problem either financial problem, marital problem, educational problem or any problem that’s your way lies in understanding exactly where you are today, and then applying simple processes that build your self confidence and strengthen your opinion of who you are at the expense of the opinion of others.

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