Shopping for Puppy’s First Birthday Present

My adorable little black lab turned one year old today! Actually, he’s not so little anymore. It’s astonishing how fast dogs can grow. To celebrate the occasion, I took a trip to the local pet store, alone, of course. I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise. I perused the aisles, looking over chew-toys, elaborate dog beds, and hundreds of doggy outfits. There were so many possibilities before me! The clothes were out of the question, not-so-little Sherlock would definitely grow out of them in no time. The bed also wouldn’t be necessary, because the big baby sleeps snuggled together with me every night. After much deliberation, I decided on a squeaky ferret chew toy and a kibble cake. As I was paying for the gifts, I couldn’t help but feel a little ridiculous. What was I, a single woman in her 20’s, doing spending Saturday night celebrating my dog’s birthday of all things? I could’ve been out clubbing or meeting new people or something. Instead, I’m looking online at dog beds like these. At the rate my life was going, I might’ve even joined a sewing club by next week. Sherlock probably wouldn’t even understand what’s going on. I had thoroughly worked myself into a depressing pit by the time I got home, but as I opened the door, the feelings flew away. There was Sherlock, bounding toward the door, whining and yipping. His enthusiastic welcome home dissipated my negative mood. I couldn’t have loved him more at that moment. Who needed a guy when I had this ball of unconditional love waiting for me every night?

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