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Searching for Healthy Chocolate Cake Recipes

English: Chocolate cake with chocolate frostin...

English: Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting topped with chocolate shavings, misocrazy (flikr), attribution required (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people think about chocolate cake and think that it has to be oozing with chocolate and that it has to be a ton of calories. There are some that meet these qualifications, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some others that are actually healthy chocolate cake recipes. Here are things that make them healthy and the alterations that could be made to it so that you don’t have to feel as guilty when you are baking them yourself and eating them.

When it comes to healthy chocolate cake recipes you find the cake is often lighter and not as dense. This sort of cake would be like a sponge type of cake or an angel food sort of cake that is light and not filled with as many calories. The other thing that many do is that they add fresh fruit to this because there is nothing better than chocolate covered fruit. To make a frosting, some are going for a mousse which is light and not so many calories either. Then, dark chocolate is something to use as there is scientific evidence proving that dark chocolate is better for you. The last thing that can be done is to use egg whites; not the whole egg.

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