Runescape Ruby Bracelet Making Guide

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As other MMORPG players, Runescape players also need to earn money in the game so that they can use the money to buy necessary items, such as equipments and weapons. Players will need to use Runescape gold when they need to do repairs. There are many ways players can use to make money. Many players choose to earn money by crafting. This is a great way, as players cannot only obtain money with it but also create some useful items for themselves.

Players can use crafting skill to crafting dragonhide armor, jewellery, pottery and many other items that are required in the game. Crafting these things can help players to train their crafting skills. Jewellery is one of the most popular items in the game.

Players can craft rings, necklaces, amulets and bracelets. In order to craft them, players will need to get to a certain crafting level. Whats more, players should get enough gold bar and a mould. Ruby bracelet is a very useful item that players can create by crafting. Its value is not being used directly. It should be enchanted to an inoculation bracelet, which protects players against damage.

In order to craft ruby bracelet, players should level their crafting skills to 49. It is easy and fast to train crafting skills by creating jewellery, leatherworking, glassblowing and completing quests. After that, players should get enough uncut or cut ruby, gold bar and a bracelet mould from the Grand Exchange with RS gp. If players want to save money, they can mine ores to get rubies, as well. Players can also mine gold ores to smelt them into bars. Bracelet mould can be gained from a player-owned house (POH) or at a crafting store.

After players get the materials they need, they should teleport to Falador and walk to the furnace in east of the west bank. Then, they should use the gold bars on the furnace and put all the materials into the furnace to create a ruby bracelet.

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