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Responsibly Discarding You Old Mobile Phone

Are mobile phones a need nowadays? Of course they are a need but what happens when they become a want? Most of the individuals in this world have at least one mobile phone in their possession. Some may even have 2 or more phones. What happens when the amount of unused mobile phones increase. There is one solution to that, recycling mobile phones.

So what is Mobile phone recycling? To “sell my mobile” is an avenue for mobile phone recycling. Why should I sell my mobile phone you say? It’s simple really, if you want to buy a new model and have no use for the old one why not sell your old phone to someone who needs it. It’s a hassle you say? That’s not a problem, there are mobile phone recycling websites in the internet who contact well known mobile phone companies to buy your old phone. Think of it like this, you get extra money for your old phone which you would probably not use anymore. You could even use that extra money to buy your new phone.

One advantage of mobile phone recycling is it helps by preventing damage to our environment. Since majority of landfills already contain metals coming from discarded mobile phones which are by the way harmful to the soil. Another good example of mobile phone recycling is by giving your old phone to other people simply by donating it to organizations that are willing to take it off of your hands. You could even give it to your niece, which would surely make him or her happy. There are countless means of recycling your mobile phone. You just need to be responsible in disposing it. Let us be responsible citizens. We only harm ourselves by discarding out old mobile phones improperly. We only have one planet to live in which is why we should not destroy it.

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