Renting A Santa Suit

For some people, buying Santa suits may not be the most practical idea, especially if they just need to wear the outfit once during the holiday season. Like for instance, a person had just been invited to an event where he is requested to have a special appearance as jolly old Santa such as in a Christmas party of children where he will act as the giver of surprise gifts.

Another situation would be a costume competition of Santas which only lasts for a few hours. So instead of spending money for a brand new Santa costume or outfit, they merely opt to pay for a Santa suit rental. Actually, this is better since buying a brand new Santa outfit can cost up to more than a hundred dollars. But if a person goes to costume shops, the rental price will only be around fifty-five to seventy-five dollars. That is indeed big savings! Some costume shops include the beard, wig and belly padding in the rental cost, while others do not.

The typical model or design of Santa suits available in costume shops is the regency Santa suit costume. The beard and wigs used for rental is usually the deluxe model since this is the washable type. However, some costume rental shops offer the economy Santa beard and wig for rent which is not washable. Although for hygienic purposes, it is better to avoid renting the wig and beard. Instead of renting it, it would be better to buy a new economy beard and wig as you can be sure that you are the first one to use it.

It is also important to clarify if the rental price of the Santa suits will include the belly padding. If the rental cost for the padding is separate, you can just choose whether to rent one or just buy your own padding. Take into consideration that buying a new padding will run you about $25 with shipping.

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