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Reducing Our Costs For Property Management

I own a property management company and over the last couple of years we have really been working to improve our service as well as trying to reduce our costs at the same time. This is something that is not always easier said than done. But it is something that has become a goal of ours and that means that we are going to do everything that we can in order to achieve it.

One of the biggest things that we are doing is we are really focusing on our renovating and cleaning budgets. We would like to be able to lower our costs in that area of our work. For instance, we are going to be calling up a lot of Connecticut dumpster rental companies and we are going to start negotiating with them in order to get lower bulk pricing as we are going to be giving them a lot of work.

At the same time we are going to be talking to them about their CT+junk+removal+service as when we have tenants move out sometimes we need a junk removal service to come in and clean everything out in a very short period of time so that we can get someone else in there as soon as we possibly can as the longer the place is empty then the more money that we are losing. That is why we hire junk removal companies in CT to clear our units out when a tenant moves out.

My property management company is located in CT which is why we are looking for all of these services in the state of CT. Right now we are simply hiring companies to do all of the work when we could be negotiating with them in order to save money based on the bulk ordering that we do. There are plenty of companies out there that would be willing to do that.

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