Potential for computer hire venture for b2b market

More and more businesses seem to be using iPads these days, I guess the demand occurred because of the wide use in the computer world. I went on a conference a few weeks ago where the organisers used individual IPads for the powerpoint presentations rather than a overhead projector, we were handed an iPad at the start of the conference with preloaded apps. Technology has come really far indeed, no longer are we confined to watching a feint power point presentation, these days companies are willing to spend a few bucks on expensive IT equipment. There were around 40-50 people attending the conference I was at, I did the math and worked out that it would cost the company close to $30K if they bought all the iPads. I got talking to one of the stewards at the conference and mentioned the iPads and he told me that in actual fact they were hiring the iPads from a local UK company called true hire.

There are a growing number of these hire companies out there now, I guess there’s huge demand by businesses to warrant the need for these services. It got me thinking, with my computing knowledge maybe I can come up with some video rendering equipment hire services. I already have good contacts in the video production community who may need my help.

Potential for computer hire venture for b2b market by
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