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Play A Warrior In World of Warcraft

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Warrior is good to be the first character in World of Warcraft. This class is relatively easy to play in the first few levels. But, once you have gotten to the end of World of Warcraft, it will take only a whole new aspect.

The Warrior only has one role in the group. So while most other classes have a choice of the role, and with the ability to have two talent specs, they can swap between them. The only position that Warriors excel at is that of the groups Tank. The tanks job is to stand at the front and take on the biggest enemy in the room in a melee. And they absorb the anger and damage that the main threat to the group is throwing at you.

You will have decent damage abilities, and your main role is absorbing damage that. Others behind you will have to support you though. Your raid also needs healers. And it can keep the tanks health up. And the bosses will hand out massive amounts of damage fast, and the first role of the healer is to keep the raids tank health up. Also, there are damage dealers. The ranged classes can stand back and send out massive amounts of damage. They are not built to withstand damage like the tank, but they can dish it out.

You will find that the Warrior is simple to level up, but a real challenge to play properly in raids. You should take on the biggest and baddest. You should need very high stamina and lots of plate armors. You can use the threat to ensure the enemies stay focused on you. As a Warrior, you have one role. Take the brunt of the attack and survive and your raid will depend on it. And W4E can help your WOW power leveling.

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