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Party Extras from Long Island DJs

It’s no surprise that Long Island is home to some fabulous parties. From Sweet 16s in classy nightclubs to extravagant weddings, people on this island really no how to throw a soiree. DJ entertainment Long Island has to offer is one of the major components of these extravaganzas. Of course, DJs play the music that keeps the crowds hopping all through the night, and they are able to tailor their tunes to the specific type of crowd at the party. However, what other types of services do these Long Island DJs have to offer to the celebration of your dreams?

When meeting with one of the DJ entertainment Long Island providers, be sure to ask if the package includes an MC. An MC is someone who will make announcements throughout the party, facilitate games and be sure that everyone in the bridal party is announced in. Some people think that the matre’d will take care of all of these services. On Long Island though, it’s common for the MC to do so. During the said games, DJ companies can also distribute some fun props for people to dance with. Additionally, see if the DJ company can do a cool centerpiece giveaway game, or if they are able to host an anniversary dance. During an anniversary dance, the couple who has been married for the longest amount of time receives a prize or the honor of knowing they’ve been together the longest! These types of dances are generally quite popular at wedding receptions.

You also might want to consider renting a photobooth from your DJ entertainment Long Island service provider. With these photobooths, guests can go inside and take funny pictures with all of their family and friends. The pictures will print out; they can have one copy for themselves and one copy to put in a guestbook for the guests of honor. DJs might also be able to provide a live singer who can keep guests entertained as they eat their meals. Furthermore, DJs may also have connections with balloon artists or magicians who can really add some spunk and life to any party.

Clearly, while music is at the heart of a Long Island DJ’s company’s mission, it is not all that these service professionals do. They are also committed to helping their customers craft parties that they are true representations of the guest of honor’s unique tastes and styles.

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