Parental Control Software: Some Facts You Need To Know

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English: Lucy Merriam, child model and actress, known for her role as Emma Lavery on All My Children (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In United Kingdom alone, research showed that kids as young as 6 to 9 are already spending some of their time in social media. In fact, a survey conducted by AVG states that these groups of children spend an average time of 4.2 hours weekly trying to keep in touch with their friends online. However, the sad part is that 20% of these children are also bullied on the internet. This has great effect on their emotional and psychological development which may affect them for many years.

Some parents try to prevent possible negative effects of the internet by educating their children. This includes teaching them to stay away from sites with bad and malicious content. However, you can never stay with your children all the time. In fact, they may even be surfing the internet without your knowledge while you are at work.

Such scenario can be very frustrating for moms who only want the best for their children. However, you need to know that help is available. A Parental control software otherwise known as an internet filter can now be availed to guard your children while surfing the internet.

With this tool, you can restrict their internet surfing time, monitor their online activity and block harmful sites that they will possibly visit. This way, you will be assured that your children will be able to use internet technology safely.

This software was designed to block the sites that you don’t want your child to visit. Among the categories that you can choose from are hacking, drugs, hate sites and a whole lot more. Hence, you can now be comforted that your child is safe when he or she starts to keep the mouse moving.

Remember, internet technology is not bad at all. When you know how to use it safely, you can get most of the advantage.

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